Chef Gee

Geelicious Bakehouse, Bangkok, Thailand

‘This is my one and only belief: passion is what drives you to create a masterpiece.’


ABOUT Chef Gee

For more than 10 years, ‘Chef Gee’ gained work experience outside his native Thailand. He was the first Thai student to receive an Outstanding Student Award from The Restaurant School, Walnut Hill College’s prestigious culinary institute. He has competed three times on the Japanese television programme ‘Iron Chef’, worked in several five-star hotels and was named Philadelphia’s best pastry chef in 2013. Today, he owns Geelicious Bakehouse in Bangkok: an artisan bakery that bakes fresh products six days a week and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and desserts. In addition, Chef Gee has set up a company that restaurants and cafés can order their artisan baked goods from.

‘Whatever you pay attention to, can eventually be solved.’
Chef Gee, Geelicious Bakehouse Bangkok, Thailand