Petr Kunc

Salabka, Prague, Czech Republic

"Three years ago, this restaurant was almost bankrupt. Today, I think we are one of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic."



When Petr Kunc first stepped into what would become his restaurant Salabka, he was shocked. "Everything was old school here, but with the vineyard and distillery, I was still blown away by the possibilities." From the people to the tablecloths, Petr turned the place into a gastronomic concept. It’s that drive that makes him one of the leading chefs in the Czech Rebublic. He learned the trade from chefs like Sergio Herman, Gordon Ramsay, and Raymond Blanc and he worked with Michelin-starred chefs such as Albert Roux, Tom Aikens, and Giorgio Locatelli. He now mostly uses local ingredients and turns them into modern, mind-blowing Czech cuisine.

"I like working with Debic because I’m always 100% sure it does what I need it to do. That’s the most important part for us chefs."
Petr Kunc, Salabka Prague, Czech Republic