Richard Hawke

Brownie Vegan Richard Hawke


For 90 servings

Pecan brownie

129 g dark chocolate, 67%

129 g cocoa mass, 100%

187 g grape seed oil

159 g water

6 g potato protein

112 g Debic Vegantop

50 g inverted sugar

243 g coarse ‘unrefined’ sugar

4.5 g fleur de sel

105 g ground almonds

112 g flour

260 g roasted pecans

Chocolate mousse

325 g water

3 g pectin 325NH95

10 g instant inulin

2 g calcium lactate

260 g dark chocolate, 71%

400 g Debic Vegantop

Dark chocolate spray

700 g dark chocolate, 71%

150 g cocoa butter

150 g grape seed oil


Pecan brownie

Melt the chocolate, the cocoa mass and the grape seed oil to 40-45°C. Add the water, the potato protein, the Vegantop, the inverted sugar, the sugar, the salt and the ground almonds to the melted mixture.

Finally, fold the chopped pecans with the flour into the preparation. Spread the brownie mixture in a baking frame (27 x 37 cm) and bake at 180°C for 18-20 minutes. Leave to cool in the refrigerator.

Chocolate mousse

Heat the water to 50°C and add the pectin, the instant inulin and the calcium lactate. Mix well with a mixer. Heat to 85°C and pour onto the dark chocolate. Emulsify with a hand mixer.

Whip the Vegantop and fold into the chocolate mixture at 45-50°C. Spread over the pecan brownie in the baking frame, sprinkle with chocolate granules and freeze.

Dark chocolate spray

Melt the chocolate, the cocoa butter and the grape seed oil to 45°C.

Assembly and finish

Take the baking frame with the chocolate brownie out of the freezer. Leave to thaw in the refrigerator and cut into portions of 3 x 4 cm.

Spray onto the frozen pecan brownie and chocolate mousse using a spray gun.

Push cocktail sticks into the frozen petit fours and dip them in the melted chocolate spray.