Richard Hawke

Vegan Richard Hawke petit fours


For 50 servings

Breton lemon shortbread biscuits

193 g white rice flour

30 g corn starch

3 g guar gum

102 g icing sugar

42 g ground almonds

3 g salt

2.4 g liquid sunflower lecithin

11.4 g baking powder

105 g coconut oil

108 ml water

lemon zest

cocoa butter, melted to 35/40°C

Lemon coulis

100 g lemon purée

280 ml water

7.5 g pectin 325NH95

40 g fine granulated sugar

50 g trehalose

20 g instant inulin

Hazelnut whipped cream

700 g Debic Vegantop

100 g fine granulated sugar

200 g hazelnut paste

Vanilla powder

Milk chocolate coating

262 g vegan milk chocolate, 42%

34 g cocoa butter

3 g grape seed oil

70 g chopped hazelnuts


Edible silver leaf


Breton lemon shortbread biscuits

Mix the white rice flower, the corn starch, the guar gum, the icing sugar, the ground almonds, the salt, the liquid sunflower lecithin, the baking powder and the coconut oil (melted to 25-30°C).

Add the water and finally the lemon zest. Roll out the dough between two sheets of baking paper to a thickness of 4 mm. Bake the biscuits in 4-cm circles at 150°C for 35 minutes.

Then coat with the melted cocoa butter.

Lemon coulis

Heat the lemon purée and the water to 50°C and add the pectin, the fine granulated sugar, the trehalose and the instant inulin. Mix well.

Heat to 85°C and store until needed.

Hazelnut whipped cream

Mix the Vegantop, the fine granulated sugar, the hazelnut paste and the vanilla powder. Beat the mixture until light and suitable for piping.

Pipe a little whipped cream onto the baked shortbread biscuit using a No 8 piping nozzle and press in a frozen lemon coulis insert. Cover the insert completely with whipped cream using a No 22 piping nozzle to create a drizzle effect. Push wooden cocktail sticks into the side and freeze.

Milk chocolate coating

Roast the chopped hazelnuts at 150°C for about 30 minutes.

Leave the roasted hazelnuts to cool and then chop finely. Melt the vegan milk chocolate, the cocoa butter and the grape seed oil together to 35°C and add the chopped hazelnuts. Dip the frozen petit fours in the coating and leave to thaw.


Remove the cocktail sticks from the thawed petit fours. Use the edible silver leaf to cover the holes left by the cocktail sticks.