Luca Montersino

‘Wherever there’s food, you’ll find me,’ says Luca Montersino. We say: Wherever Luca is, that’s where you’ll find Debic!



Luca was originally a pâtissier who became a chef only later in his career. Both professions are close to his heart: "I think that cooking and making pastry are a passion, a sentiment. You have to feel what you’re doing with your heart, and with your sense of taste. But I also love to study and do research. I need an understanding of the technical nature of the material that I’m using." His cooking style is clear: reinventing the classics. And although he thinks the Italians must take care not to lose their traditions, he is not afraid to break some of them himself – when it comes to using a little cream in risotto, for instance…

"Only Debic can give me consistency, and consistency is one of the most difficult things in a raw material."
Luca Montersino,