Risotto with parmesan cream and white alba truffle

100YEARS Ambassador

Luca Montersino

Pastry chef


For 10 servings


450 g carnaroli rice

1500 g veal stock

70 g white onion

50 g Debic butter

150 g white wine

For the emulsion

150 g Parmigiano Reggiano

60 g Debic butter

150 g Debic Culinaire Original

Salt and pepper to taste

For the parmesan cream

250 g Parmigiano Reggiano

200 g whole milk

200 g Debic Culinaire Original

60 g egg yolk

60 g cream corn

To finish

50 g white alba truffle



Chop the onion and put it in a bowl.

Add the white wine and butter and cover with cling film Microwave at maximum power for around 7 minutes.

Put the rice, onion and hot veal stock into a sauce pan and start to cook, stirring frequently.

Cook the risotto al dente, adding a little hot stock at a time.

For the emulsion

Take the pot from the heat and emulsify the risotto with the cream, butter, and parmesan.

Season with salt and pepper

For the parmesan cream

Parmesan cream

Put the milk and grated parmesan in a Thermomix; heat until dissolved, then add the cream and egg yolks and heat the mixture to 85° C.

To finish

At the end of the cooking time bind with the creamed corn .


Serve the risotto in the middle of the plate and tap the plate until the risotto is plated in a flat layer.

Drizzle the parmesan cream on top and garnish with thinly sliced white Alba truffles.

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