Chocolate vanilla

Chocolate meringue with dark chocolate crémeux, vanilla cream and dark chocolate biscuit

Ambassador Frank Haasnoot Pastry

Frank Haasnoot

Pastry chef


For 10 servings

Chocolate meringue

167 g egg white

167 g sugar

167 g icing sugar

42 g cocoa powder

Dark chocolate crémeux

153 g milk

153 g Debic Stand & Overrun

65 g egg yolk

51 g sugar

179 g dark chocolate 65%

Vanilla cream

6010 g Debic Prima Blanca

1 Madagascar vanilla pod

60 g sugar

17 g gelatine mixture

120 g mascarpone

Dark chocolate biscuit

261 g marzipan 50%

79 g sugar (1)

127 g egg yolk

91 g egg

152 g egg white

79 g sugar (2)

61 g flour

30 g cocoa powder

61 g cacao mass

61 g Debic Butter Constant

Chocolate decoration


dark chocolate


Chocolate meringue

Heat the egg white with the sugar to 50°C.

Beat until light and airy.

Fold in the icing sugar and the cocoa powder with the spatula.

Pipe into the desired shape on a silicone mat.

Cover with baking paper and leave to dry for 1 night at 90° C.

Dark chocolate crémeux

Heat the milk with the Debic Stand & Overrun Mix the egg yolk with the sugar and stir to form a crème anglaise to 84°C.

Add the chocolate and mix with the hand mixer to form a smooth texture.

Vanilla cream

Heat 1/4 of the Debic Prima Blanca with the vanilla and the sugar.

Melt the gelatin mixture in this.

Add the rest of the cream and the mascarpone.

Mix with the hand mixer and pass through the sieve.

Whip to the tight consistency

Dark chocolate biscuit

Melt the Debic Butter together with the cacao mass.

Stir the marzipan with the sugar.

Gradually add the egg and the egg yolk.

Replace the butterfly blade with the beater in the beating machine and beat until light and airy.

Beat the egg white with the sugar (2) to stiff peaks and fold this into the egg yolk mixture.

Add the sifted flour and the cocoa powder in 3 parts.

Finally, mix in the butter mixture.

Chocolate decoration

Spread the oil on a plate and place a plastic film on top.

Pipe drops of melted chocolate side by side and press the plate with plastic foil.

Lift the plate up again and keep it upside down.

Slide the plate upside down in a cart.

Only turn the plate over when the chocolate has fully crystallised.

Carefully remove the chocolate decorations from the plastic.


Half immerse the meringue in melted chocolate and place on a plate.

Cut out circles of the chocolate biscuit and stick them with small dabs of crémeux on the meringue.

Now pipe large dabs of the crémeux on the meringue.

Pipe the vanilla cream on top.

Sprinkle with cocoa nibs.

Finish with the chocolate decoration.