Mother’s day: then & the delicious now

Every year in spring, a Sunday is dedicated to mothers: Mother's Day. 
It is celebrated in many countries, on different dates and the perfect occasion to give mothers some extra love in the form of a delicious pastry.

Mother's day
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This celebration would have been born in ancient Greece. Indeed, the Greeks used to organize festivities in honor of the goddess Rhea, the mother of the Gods, the Romans used to call this festival Matronalia, where they celebrated the mothers at the same time as the children and the spring.

Much later, in the United States, Anna Jarvis initiated this tradition by making a Sunday in May a holiday, thus fulfilling the wish of her late mother. It is at the end of the First World War that the Mother's Day will take shape progressively in Europe. In France, it was Marshal Pétain who definitively instituted in 1941 «the national day of mothers», it was a propaganda to impulse the birth rate. 

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Happy Mother's day customers

Today we look at Mother’s Day more emotionally than pragmatically. Indeed, this day gives the opportunity to give them a gift to show them the place they occupy in our hearts.

On this day, it is usual to get together, make a cake or buy a cake from the pastry chef to enjoy with the family. It is often fruit cakes, cream cakes, light, gourmet, colorful and spring dishes.

Make sure to support your customers, and especially the mothers on this day, just in case a son forgot to bake a cake or a daughter watched it burn in the oven, they should always be able to count on you.
To make sure they can, take a look at one of our Mother’s day recipes. A great Mother's day guaruanteed. 

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