Debic, quality you can trust

Dairy products of the highest quality, developed for discerning professionals like you: that is what Debic stands for. How we can keep guaranteeing you that unsurpassed quality? By building on 100 years’ expertise in the development of dairy solutions. And, above all, by managing the whole dairy chain ourselves. From farm to finished product.

Debic, quality you can trust

Our dairy farms

Happy cows give best milk. That is why we stimulate our farmers to provide their animals with the best possible care and living conditions. From having them graze outside as much as possible, to free access to water and nutrition. This leads to the creamiest, most delicious and nutritious milk. The perfect base for all our products. 

And to protect the landscape the animals graze in, we continuously strive to make our farms as sustainable as possible, for instance by:

  • Using and producing alternative energy sources.
  • Caring for biodiversity.

Transportation, production & packaging

Once the cows are milked, the milk is pumped into a bulk tank under safe and sanitary conditions and then transported to our production facilities. There too, we follow strict safety and hygiene protocols so we can deliver professionals like you the constant quality you are looking for.

This infograph illustrates the whole process in more detail

Infograph transportation, production & packaging

During these steps of the dairy chain we pay attention to sustainability by:

  • Reducing transport emissions and waste.
  • Lowering energy, gas and water usage during production.
  • Working towards packaging that is as sustainable as possible.

Research & development

Our products are not only designed FOR professionals, but also BY professionals. Our own team of researchers and culinary advisors are committed to constantly perfecting and innovating our product range. The result is an assortment of excellent dairy products for the demanding professional. Ready to be used in one of your inventive creations.