Tasty snapshots of your creations

How can you create interaction with customers if they are not at your store, as well as attract new customers? Facebook and Instagram are essential tools in this regard. But those sites require photos - attractive photos of your creations. Tasty snapshots. But how exactly do you go about this? We asked photographer Kasper van 't Hoff, who often works in bakeries, and pastry chef Niek Bossaert, who is very active on social media.

Tasty snapshots of your creations Daylight is an important element for good pictures.

Express motion in your photos

Kasper has been working in the field for years. According to him, as a baker, you are an artisan. Someone with passion who puts that passion to work. And that is something you can be proud of. Shine a spotlight on the artisanal nature of your business on social media. To do so, it is a good idea to capture regularly what you produce day in, day out. Even a plate full of freshly baked croissants can be beautiful. So take a lot of pictures, since that is how you create a lively image of your offer throughout the year.

For Kasper, everyone who can see can take pictures. The art is in creating snapshots that grab attention. A professional photographer seeks to express emotion in the photo. We all know how to write a letter, but not all of us can write a good story.

Grab your camera and start shooting your way to great pictures

What's the secret to taking great pictures of your fantastic creations? As it turns out, there are a few of them.

  • Always take your pictures at the same spot
  • Preferably near a window in daylight
  • Daylight is free, so don't bother with the flash!
  • Take your photos towards the window
  • If there is too much shade on your plate or product, provide a bit more light by placing a piece of white cardboard or styrofoam opposite.
  • Be consistent in style, as that creates brand recognition
Everyone who can see can take pictures. A professional photographer seeks to express emotion in the photo.

Kasper van 't Hoff

Pastry chef Niek Bossaert’s tips

Niek Bossaert is a master pastry chef and a member of 'Créateurs de Desserts'. He has been highly active on Facebook and Instagram.

Niek believed that social media are fascinating platforms that allow you to capture the latest trends. These are spontaneous media that you can use to attract your audience's interest with a peek behind the scenes. You can get a head start on the latest trends or shine a spotlight on new products in your range. And your customers can respond in turn. An entrepreneur couldn't wish for better word-of-mouth advertising.

Tasty snapshots
Tasty snapshots

Importance of behind the scenes

A peek behind the scenes always arouses curiosity. People enjoy seeing how bread and pastries are made and watching the care with which you prepare them. If they cannot enter your workshop in person, they can at least do so via Facebook and Instagram.

You can consider a Facebook post as an accompanying chat, like chefs do when they present dishes at the table. As pastry chefs, we don't always get the chance to do that. It is a way to let people see how certain creations are built up. When a fan engages with the creations, it gives you a boost.

How to make catchy social media pics

  • Effects on smartphones are killer-features. You can take fun pictures that arouse customers' interest and make them look beyond the photo
  • Working with filters while keeping your original styles
  • Do you want to highlight the primary colors of creations? In that case, an ordinary black styrofoam box is the perfect base
  • Last but not least, ask for tips from professional photographers