Chocolate Coconut Lime

Chocolate pastry with coconut, lime and malibu

Ambassador Frank Haasnoot Pastry

Frank Haasnoot

Pastry chef


För 20 portioner

Chocolate shortcrust pastry

382 g Debic Butter Constant

361 g icing sugar

4 g salt

110 g ground almonds

211 g egg

70 g cocoa powder

653 g flour

209 g potato starch

125 g egg yolk

25 g Debic Stand & Overrun

Coconut dacquoise

597 g egg white

488 g sugar

358 g finely ground roasted coconut

239 g ground almonds

199 g icing sugar

119 g flour

Lime confit

647 g orange juice

314 g lime juice

22 g pectin NH

17 g lime zest

139 g sugar

Malibu ganache montée

1182 g Debic Stand & Overrun

415 g white chocolate

69 g gelatin mixture

334 g Malibu

Chocolate crumble

124 g Debic Butter Constant

112 g flour

124 g ground almonds

124 g brown sugar

2 g salt

12 g cocoa powder

124 g brown sugar

grated coconut

fresh coconut


Chocolate shortcrust pastry

Mix the Debic Butter Constant, the icing sugar, the salt and the ground almonds to a smooth consistency.

Add the eggs and then the sifted flour, the cocoa powder and the potato starch.

Knead the dough and roll out to 2 mm thick.

Also line the perforated baking rings with it.

Bake the shortcrust pastry at 150°C for 30 min.

Mix the egg yolk with the Debic Stand & Overrun to form a wash.

Remove the tartlets from the moulds and brush with the wash.

Bake again for 30 min at 150°C.

Coconut dacquoise

Beat the sugar with the egg white.

Mix the sifted flour and the icing sugar with the ground almonds and the grated coconut.

Fold the egg white into the dry ingredients.

Bake for 10 minutes at 190°C.

Lime confit

Heat the fruit juices together with the zest.

Mix the sugar with the pectin and add to the cooled liquid.

Bring to the boil and leave to boil for 90 seconds.

Leave to cool and briefly mix.

Malibu ganache montée

Bring ¼ of the Debic Stand & Overrun to the boil and melt the gelatine in it.

Pour onto the white chocolate and make a ganache.

Add the remaining cream together with the Malibu and mix with a hand mixer.

Leave to stand for 1 night.

Then beat to the required consistency.

Chocolate crumble

Mix the Debic Butter Constant with the brown sugar, the salt and the ground almonds to a smooth consistency.

Then mix in the flour and the cocoa powder until it becomes crumbly.

Bake the crumble at 160°C for 45 min.

Mix the pieces of crumble into the melted chocolate and then immediately into the cocoa powder.

Roll through the neutral jelly.


Fill 7 cm diameter silicone moulds with the ganache montée.

Cut out a circle (6 cm) of the coconut dacquoise and pipe a little lime confit on top.

Put in the freezer.

Press this frozen interior in the ganache and top until the tartlet has a height of 3.5 cm.

Finish with a 6 cm biscuit circle.

Squirt a dollop of lime confit in the shortcrust pastry tartlet and arrange the interior.


Sieve grated coconut over the tartlets.

Place three pieces of chocolate crumble on top and finish with a few fresh coconut shreds.