Semi-dried Tomato salad

With black garlic, basil and Ranch dressing

Culinaire Original Salad Tomatoes


För 10 portioner

Ranch dressing

500 ml Debic Culinaire Original

50 g garlic vinegar

3 cloves of puffed garlic

5 g Savora mustard

5 g salt

20 g chives, chopped


30 Tasty Tom tomatoes

10 g icing sugar

10 g salt

10 black garlic cloves

1 bunch of basil

5 g maldon salt



Puff the garlic for 10 minutes in the oven at 220 °C.

For the dressing, mix all the ingredients except the Debic Culinaire Original.

Add the Debic Culinaire Original, stirring constantly until you have a smooth mixture.

The dressing can also be prepared in a blender or using a hand mixer.

Mix in the finely chopped chives and store in the refrigerator.

Peel the tomatoes and sprinkle with the salt and icing sugar.

Dry in the oven for 6 hours at 90 °C and store in the refrigerator.


Spread the dressing on the base of the plate.

Heap the tomatoes in the middle of the plate.

Finish the dish with black garlic, basil and Maldon salt.