Wok flamed Shi take mushrooms

Shaoxing wine cream sauce and reduction of Black rice vinegar

100YEARS Ambassador Adeline Grattard

Adeline Grattard



För 10 portioner

Shi-take mushrooms

1500 g shi-take

20 ml peanut oil

10 g sambal oelek

20 ml water

10 ml dark soy sauce (sweet)

10 ml light soy sauce (salty)

3 g salt

600 g Tofu

Shaoxing wine cream sauce

500 ml chicken stock, light

500 ml shaoxing wine

500 ml Debic Stand & Overrun

10 ml dark soy sauce (sweet)

10 ml light soy sauce (salty)

3 g salt

Black rice vinegar glaze

250 ml Black rice vinegar

50 g Chinese rock sugar


300 g Champignon du Paris

30 sprigs lemon thyme


Shi-take mushrooms

Heat the wok till smoking hot.

Add the oil and sauté quickly the shi-take mushrooms.

Put the flame off and add the water.

Let the mushrooms steam and let evaporate the water.

Add the sambal, and put the fire on high again.

Work quickly, season the mushrooms with the soy sauces and at the last stage add the tofu.

Season with salt.

Shaoxing wine cream sauce

In two seperate pots heat the chicken stock and shaoxing wine.

Bring the shaoxing wine to a rolling boil and let evaporate the alcohol for 5 minutes.

Add the wine to the chicken stock and add the cream.

Reduce to desired texture.

Season the sauce with the soy sauces and keep hot.

Black rice vinegar glaze

Add the vinegar and sugar to a pot and bring to a boil.

Reduce until a syrupy texture appears and reserve.


Dress the shi-take mixture in the middle of the plate.

Spoon generously some sauce around the shi-take mixture.

Finish with a drizzle of the Black rice vinegar glaze, lemon thyme and thinly shaved raw champignon du Paris.