Baking for summer: Make the most of your assortment

As soon as the sun comes out, clients are looking to eat outside. In the park, on the beach, in the woods or just in their own garden: you can have a delicious meal anywhere. As a baker/pastry chef you can offer them a range of delicious creations to make these moments extra special.

Baking for summer: make the most of you assortment

When your clients choose to spend their summer holidays in their own country, they still look for ways to create that typical holiday mood. And going on holiday equals enjoying delicious food. This is a great business opportunity for you. A delicious picnic basket, for instance, forms the ideal complement for your existing assortment, for several reasons:

  • Nowadays consumers don’t limit themselves to fixed eating times, such as lunch or breakfast. They let themselves be tempted by delicious food all day long.
  • This snacking trend – also called the ‘grazing consumer’ – is especially popular in southern Europe. By introducing it here, you help clients create that much desired holiday feeling.
  • We are also seeing a lot of cross-pollination between sales methods and products. Surprise and luxury baskets, for instance, are scoring very well. The ideal way to offer your clients the total package. Literally and figuratively!

With a few simple tips & tricks you create ready-made baskets that are guaranteed to become an added value to your business.

Plenty of variation for a summery picnic basket

How to assemble a great basket? Start by looking at your current assortment. A basket fills up quickly! 

  • Sandwiches are an option, but you can also offer bread and rolls separately.
  • Offer classic combinations, but make sure to include some original choices too, with exotic flavours or a fully vegetarian option. 
  • Include small items such as napkins and cups. A definite plus, especially when you go for sustainable options.
  • Pastries and danishes add a luxurious touch, but of course, avoid chocolate, which is not ideal during hot weather.
  • With your basic recipes you can easily create savoury options too. At the bottom of this article you can find some delicious recipes.
  • Don’t forget to add a fresh element such as fruit and/or vegetable. Snacking tomatoes, for instance, are an easy option to add a summery feel.
  • Do you know any local vegetable/fruit producers? Combine forces to offer delicious salads. An added advantage is that you can offer the packages at both locations, which reaches more people and thus generates even more income.

Communicate about your summer assortment

Don’t forget to clearly communicate about your special summer offerings, both in your store and on social media. Encourage your clients to create their own holiday mood and try your special packages. Consumers love special experiences and this is one they won’t want to miss!

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