Finger-licking good

Want to make everything yourself? With a growing staff shortage and a constant lack of time, that is no longer feasible, nor is it very profitable. And that's no bad thing. There are excellent convenience products on the market. For example, they enable you to make the tastiest finger food in no time at all.

Finger-licking good

Opt for convenience products – there is really no need to be ashamed. Often these handy solutions in the kitchen are a very smart choice. Ready-made products such as rice sheets, puff pastry, prawn crackers, mayonnaise and curry paste offer modern chefs time, money and convenience.

Culinary cream

Debic’s culinary cream is also a convenience product. This culinary cream was developed 38 years ago to allow you, the chef, to experience the convenience of a cream that is suitable for cooking, without the disadvantages. The culinary cream doesn’t curdle, is unaffected by acids or alcohol, doesn’t form a skin and can be reheated repeatedly. What’s more, Debic’s culinary cream remains stable when freezing and thawing.

Finger food

We are happy to share our knowledge, expertise and products with you. And consumers are increasingly opting to share. Trays of small finger foods are therefore popular. With a number of smart convenience products and some fresh ingredients, you can easily prepare a large variety of delicious finger foods that can be finalized shortly before serving. We have thought of a number of amuses (starters) for you that you can quickly prepare in your mise en place.

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Puffy pastry with artichokes

What do you say to an amuse made of puff pastry with a cream of artichoke, oregano and black garlic? The baked artichoke hearts are cooked, along with the other ingredients, in Debic Culinaire Original culinary cream to produce a delicious cream sauce.

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