Carito Lourenço

Fierro, Valencia, Spain

"Fierro is an extension of our home, like we have in Argentina. Hospitality is very important to us!"


ABOUT Carito

When she was a schoolgirl in Argentina, Carito Lourenço would sell homemade cakes to pay for school trips. No wonder her culinary adventures led to her own restaurant; Fierro in Valencia. One guest described eating there as a ‘blind date with twelve people’ since that’s the maximum number of guests. Carito likes it. "We offer a different kind of eating. It’s about sharing." A lot of Carito’s inspiration comes from pastry. "There are many pastry techniques that go into our snacks and many cooking techniques that go into our desserts. The menu is a united whole and there aren’t any distinctions between savoury and sweet."

‘When I first came to Spain, the local cream was a shock. Where was the taste? I have a connection with Debic, because there’s no comparison in terms of taste, stability or performance!’
Carito Lourenço, Fierro Valencia, Spain