Gert De Mangeleer

"We closed the doors of our three-Michelin-star restaurant Hertog Jan and it is fantastic to see how many other doors have opened up for us and how many opportunities this has created."


After Gert De Mangeleer took over Hertog Jan with his culinary soulmate Joachim Boudens in 2005, he transformed the restaurant’s traditional and conventional kitchen into something revolutionary. It paid off, Hertog Jan earned three Michelin stars and in 2014 and De Mangeleer became ‘European Chef of the Year. True to his motto, "If you do something, do it well", he decided to do something different, opening a new culinary concept L.E.S.S. and Bar Bulot. "They are different from Hertog Jan, but within their niche, they have to be the very best. This is a modern take on gastronomy. There’s also an international aspect: the story of my travels that I couldn’t tell with our former restaurant."