Thomas Bühner

Having run a restaurant with three Michelin stars, you might think Thomas Bühner would take it easy. Well, think again, this chef is busier than ever!


About Thomas

Despite having once earned three Michelin stars as the chef of La Vie in Osnabrück, Thomas Bühner describes himself as a ‘very simple creature’. Give him an excellent product and that’s enough for him. The restaurant closed in 2018 and now Thomas travels the world, doing events in all sorts of countries. The goal, however, is to have a restaurant again. In his own words: ‘At the moment, I’m like a pop star on a world tour who’s only playing old hits, but I would like to go into the studio again.’ Of course, only the best is good enough. ‘It must be extraordinary; I’d really like to work again at the level I worked at before.’

”In high-end gastronomy, we create experiences that are distinctive and unforgettable. An experience that you never forget – for me, that is art.”
Thomas Bühner, Germany
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Thomas Bühner