“You can taste the craftsmanship in the products”

Bakkerij Scholtes is a traditional bakery in the South Holland village of Honselersdijk (Westland). Since 1950, young and old alike have been coming here for oven-fresh bread, creamy pastries and a warm welcome from the sales staff. Four years ago Erwin Scholtes, the youngest member of the third generation, took over at the helm. Together with his wife, Marloes, he is in charge of the bakery. One thing is clear: Bakkerij Scholtes is unique. Why? Find out for yourself in this fascinating interview.

“You can taste the craftsmanship in the products” Bakkerij Scholtes, a traditional bakery in the Netherlands

From counter to convenience store

What exactly makes Bakkerij Scholtes so different? They have a unique service concept. For the past three years, this bakery has consisted of two parts: the traditional bakery section and a modern store. This provided a positive boost.

Erwin Scholtes: “A lot of customers don't even come in when they see a long queue. Young people, in particular, don't want to wait and the competition with the supermarkets rages on. We decided to tackle that challenge by creating a unique experience. Our concept allows you to get personal assistance or to look around our assortment yourself. Once you've finished, there is one cash desk. This way customers see more of our products and don't have to wait as long.”

The craftmanship in the products

The good quality of their products makes Bakkerij Scholtes a fixture in the neighborhood.“Ninety-nine percent of the products we sell are home-made. We only buy in saté and pecan nut bread. In addition, we invariably opt for regional products. For instance, we use fresh Westland strawberries for all our strawberry products. These are really popular items, just like our sourdough loaves.”- Erwin Scholtes said

Debic whipping cream and butter are my favorite products in the range. We also appreciate the fact that our representative helps us find great ideas for our store.

"Debic products contribute towards the constant quality for which this baker is renowned."

Erwin Scholtes

Bakkerij Erwin Scholtes

Moving along with the digitalization

Bakkerij Scholtes has moved into the digital age, too. People can view the range available in the store online and place orders via the webshop.

Erwin Scholtes: “We aim to serve customers just as they want. From that point of view, our webshop is a worthwhile investment. We enjoy it a lot, too. We also use social media to keep customers up to date on new campaigns or products. Even as a traditional baker, you can't afford to lag behind in this respect. Traditional newspaper adverts aren't enough these days.”

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