Make desserts for big groups spectacular

Whether you're catering to 80 or 800 guests, you want your desserts to surprise and delight. In the catering business, there is an increasing demand for distinctive experiences.

Catering Urban Jungle dessert theme in a buffet setting

Creating a profitable experience

Desserts look spectacular, but producing them can be quite a challenge. Creating and prepping desserts can take quite some time, especially when you're processing large volumes. If you work Debic's solid dessert bases, it's easy to create variations on a theme with different ingredients and decorations. As a result, you can create a library of culinary experience themes for guests to choose from.

Urban Jungle

Take inspiration from this example catering theme: Urban Jungle. Its based on the interior design trend in cities to work with natural plants in a modern setting. The atmosphere of an urban windowsill is easily recreated by a dessert in a little flowerpot, with Oreo crumble and leaves.

Welcome to the jungle

Three other ways to translate the Urban Jungle theme into desserts.

Concept presentation ideas

One culinary concept or theme can be presented in various ways.



If you apply one specific theme, a buffet becomes a more coherent presentation of your desserts. This definitely entices guests to try out your sweet creations.

Shared dining

Shared dining

Create the feel of dining together at one table, without creating individual dessert plates. Sharing platters are a powerfully visual way to present your desserts.

Walking dinner

Walking dinner

Even though your dishes will not be served at the same time, they will be connected to each other by your theme's red thread. This creates a feeling of recognition amongst guests.