Optimize your menu

Magic is not found in a stand-alone dish. A strong, well designed menu is a magical tool in every restaurant. It entices guests to order a dessert. What’s more, with a good menu you can guide your guests to make certain choices. Make more profit with desserts by applying the magic principles of menu engineering.

Optimize your menu

Smart design

To bring certain desserts to the forefront, you can use frames, bold type, photos or logos, for example. This draws extra attention to signature dishes or profit-makers.

The right place

Guests follow a fixed pattern when reading a menu. The places where they stop and consider are the so-called ‘sweet spots’. They go through the rest of the menu rather quickly or don’t look at it at all. Draw extra attention to your winners and sleepers by putting them in these sweet spots.

The right language

Expressive texts and tempting descriptions work up guests’ appetites. Use specific culinary terms to arouse interest. Unknown terms can lead to more interaction with staff, because guests often ask questions about them.


Put the emphasis on the desserts, not on the prices. Avoid the use of € signs and bold text. Use a smaller font size for prices and avoid rounded amounts. Calculate the selling price by estimating what the guest would be prepared to pay rather than using the traditional method, so as to make it more appealing to order dessert.

Variable portions

Offers desserts in regular as well as smaller portions. For guests in doubt, this could be a final nudge towards an order after all.

Culinary inspiration

Culinary inspiration

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