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Debic's culinary advisors regularly travel to Europe. Always looking for talent, enthusiasm and perfect patisserie. We also find plenty of inspiration in Poland. Polish pastry perfection: delicious!

Polish perfection Debic
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The patisserie in Poland is worth it. The mutual involvement of a new generation of pastry chefs ensures that knowledge and inspiration spread like wildfire through Poland. Ashanti, the International School of Culinary Arts in Lodz, plays a fantastic role in this. Here talent is brought together and brought to great heights. If you get the chance, you should definitely visit places in Poland such as Gdansk, Lodz, Sopot and Warsaw as well as modern boutiques such as Cremo, Pawlova and Odette. It is also worth gazing at the unique Czekolade Airport Café. It is therefore no surprise that Polish artisans today participate in the World Chocolate Masters and La Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie. The future looks promising for Polish pastry chefs.

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Recipe booklet

Debic also supplies professional dairy products to Polish patissiers and chocolatiers, such as cream and butter specialties made for and by professionals. And the collaboration continues. Debic's experience and the expertise of Polish pastry chefs have been combined to create inspiring recipes. The jointly developed recipes are the perfect mix of creativity, craftsmanship and passion. You can taste and see the international influences, without denying the Polish classics. We would like to share one of these recipes with you on the following pages.

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