Give your costumers the ultimate summer taste experience

Summer is the time to create delicious creations with fresh fruits and refreshing flavours that make your costumers daydream of holiday destinations. 
We share some great recipes with you to give inspiration and make your menu summer ready.

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Blueberry tart - photo 2324227 | Debic
Blueberry tart

Think of for instance this recipe for blueberry tarts with a coconut sponge. Blueberry and coconut make a brilliant combination which is not only delicious, but also perfect for summer.

Lemon Love - photo 2324229 | Debic
Lemon Love

‘Lemon Love’ the name says it all. Especially in summer people love lemon. It’s refreshing, tasty and in a sweet pastry it gives a nice touch of sour. 

Saint Tropez - photo 2324231 | Debic
Saint Tropez

Take your customers on a mental trip to Saint Tropez with the flavours of our ‘Saint Tropez’ brioche with Mousseline cream and a perfume of orange blossom water. 

Exotic - photo 2324233 | Debic

This exotic entremet with exotic jelly, mango mousse and coconut bavarois is not only an eyecatcher, it also tastes like a summer celebration. A must for your summer menu!

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