Entremet with exotic jelly, mango mousse and coconut bavarois

Mousse Jelly Sponge cake
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For 60 servings

Hazelnut & coconut sponge

165 g eggs

130 g egg yolks

180 g egg whites

110 g sugar

150 g hazelnut powder

75 g grated coconut

75 g flour

1 lemon, the zest

175 g dried sponge cake crumble

100 g Debic Incorporation Butter Brioche

Exotic jelly

350 g passion fruit purée

150 g apricot purée

100 g sugar

20 g potato starch

1 vanilla pod

14 g gelatin powder

75 g water

Mango mousse

15 g gelatin powder

75 g water

15 g gelatin powder

500 g mango purée

700 g Debic Natop

Coconut bavarois

250 g crème patissière

500 g coconut purée

50 g grated coconut

12 g gelatin powder

70 g water

600 g Debic Natop


100 g sugar syrup

100 g Malibu©


Hazelnut & coconut sponge

Whip the eggs with the egg yolks until you have a foamy mousse.

Fold in the dry ingredients (hazelnut, coconut, flour, zest, crumbs).

Whip the egg whites with the sugar and add to the previous mixture.

Melt the butter and mix gently.

Spread on a baking sheet in a frame and bake at 175°C for 15 minutes.

Exotic jelly

Dissolve the gelatin powder in the water.

Bring the passion fruit purée, the sugar, the vanilla pod and the starch to the boil and add the gelatin mass.

Add the apricot purée and mix well.

Pour into a tray.


Mango mousse

Dissolve the gelatin powder in the water.

Whip the cream.

Mix the mango purée with the crème patissière and add the gelatin mixture.

Fold in the semi-whipped cream.

Use straight away.

Coconut bavarois

Dissolve the gelatin powder in the water.

Whip the cream.

Heat one-third of the coconut purée with the grated coconut and melt the gelatin mass in the liquid.

Add to the crème patissière and mix well.

Fold in the semi-whipped cream.

Use straight away.


Spread one-third of the mango mousse on top of the sponge cake and then apply a layer of the frozen exotic jelly.

Then add the rest of the mousse and leave to cool.

Prepare the coconut bavarois and pour it over the mango mousse.

Leave to set in the freezer.

Finishing touch

Decorate with a thin layer of exotic glazing and fruit.

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