Black forest cherry

Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream and cherry ganache

Sponge cake Chocolate Cream


For 30 servings

Chocolate sponge cake

325 g egg white

500 g sugar

350 g dark chocolate 64%

175 g Debic Incorporation Butter Crème

225 g egg yolk

250 g flour

100 g grated dark chocolate

Chocolate cream

800 g Debic Natop

125 g sugar

200 g egg yolk

700 g dark chocolate 64%

1 L Debic Natop

Kirsch Crèmeux

500 g Debic Natop

230 g egg yolk

200 g sugar

2 vanilla pods

14 g powdered gelatin

90 g water

175 g Kirsch Jacobert 48%

1 L Debic Natop

Cherry ganache

500 g puree of sour cherries

65 g inverted sugar

500 g dark chocolate 64%

100 g Kirsch Jacobert 48%


Chocolate sponge cake

Melt the dark chocolate whit the butter.

Whip the egg white with the sugar.

Combine with the egg yolk.

Fold in the flour and the grated dark chocolate.

Spread on 2 baking trays ( 60x40 cm) and bake at 180° C during 8 à 10 minutes.

Chocolate cream

Realize an „anglaise‘ at 84°C with the 800 g Natop, the eggy yolk and the sugar , previous whipped to a smooth foam.

Pour over the dark chocolate and mix into a homogeneous mixture.

Fold in the semi whipped Natop.

Kirsch Crèmeux

Hydrate the gelatin with the water.

Realize an „anglaise‘ at 84°C with the 500 g Natop, the sugar, the cloved vanilla pods and the egg yolk.

Add the gelatin mass and the Kirsch.

Remove the vanilla and pass through a sieve.

Emulsify with a hand blender and cool down.

Fold in the semi whipped Natop.

Cherry ganache

Heat the cherry puree with the inverted sugar and pour over the dark chocolate.

Add the Kirsch and blend.

Pour over the baked layer of chocolate sponge.


Assembly the entremets upside down on a relief Silpat in a 60/40 frame.

Bring on the chocolate cream and cover with a layer of chocolate sponge cake, previous sprinkled with a mixture of 1 part Syrup and 1 part Kirsch.

Continue with the Kirsch crémeux and close the assembly with the double layer sponge cake, cherry ganache.


Demold the frame and spray the surface with an equal mixture dark chocolate and cacao butter.

Finishing touch

Finish with cherries and chocolate.