Saint Tropez

With Mousseline cream and a perfume of orange blossom water

Viennoiserie brioche Mousseline cream


Brioche dough

Make a dough using two-thirds of the flour, the sugar, milk, eggs and yeast

Leave the dough to rest in the mixing bowl for 30 minutes.

Add the rest of the flour with the salt and knead through.

Gradually add the soft butter and continue to knead until it has been completely absorbed and the dough starts to come away from the sides of the bowl.

After 10 minutes, process the dough into the desired shapes.

Leave to ferment for 90-100 minutes at 25°C / 70% humidity. Egg wash and sprinkle with the pearl sugar.

Bake for 7-8 minutes at 220°C.

Mousseline cream

Split the vanilla pods in the milk and heat with half of the sugar.

Mix the rest of the sugar with the corn starch and flour.

Add the egg yolks and mix until frothy.

Add to the hot milk and boil thoroughly

Immediately mix in the 150 g cream.

Allow to cool.

The next day, whip the mousseline cream until smooth and fold in the soft 350 g of butter.

Perfume of orange blossom water

Mix the ingredients and keep cold.

Use to sprinkle the brioche.


Bake the brioche dough and leave to cool at room temperature

Cut in the middle and fill with the mousseline cream and dust with icing sugar.