With sponge cake, jellified blueberries and a yoghurt-lime mousse - 6 entremets, 16 cm in diameter

Sponge cake Blueberries Yoghurt mousse


Duchesse sponge cake

350 g whole eggs

105 g egg yolk

350 g icing sugar

350 g almond powder

265 g flour

435 g egg white

265 g sugar

Crunchy layer

140 g feuilletine

162 g milk chocolate 38%

70 g almonds, chopped and roasted

185 g hazelnut praline 60%

58 g Crispearls® dark

Jellified blueberries

900 g fresh blueberries

225 g sugar

112 g orange juice

15 g gelatin powder

90 g water

Yoghurt-lime mousse

4 limes , the zests

150 g sugar syrup

248 g white chocolate

195 g yoghurt 0%

9 g gelatin powder

54 g water

338 g Debic Natop


Duchesse sponge cake

Mix, during 30 minutes, the whole eggs whit the egg yolk, the icing sugar and the almond powder ion the bowl of a stand mixer, fitted whit the paddle.

Whip the egg white with the sugar.

Fold in the sifted flower to the first mixture.

Combine with the meringue and spread on a baking tray.

Bake for 35 minutes during 35 minutes.

Crunchy layer

Melt the milk chocolate with the praline ,add the other ingredients.

Portion in Silpat ( 14cm).


Jellified blueberries

Hydrate the gelatin powder with the water.

Bring the blueberries with the sugar and the orange juice slowly to a boil.

Add the gelatin mass.

Mix well and pour in Silpat 14cm, freeze.

Yoghurt-lime mousse

Preserve the fresh lime zests in the syrup.

Strain and combine with the yoghurt.

Melt the white chocolate and mix with the yoghurt.

Add the melted gelatin mass.

The mixture needs to be +/ 30° C to fold in the semi whipped Debic NAtop.

Use at once in the molds.


Prepare 6 steel circles with a layer of Duchesse sponge cake.

Place the frozen crunchy layer on the sponge cake.

Fill for 1/3th with the yoghurt mousse.

Press in the blueberry jelly and finish with the rest of the mousse.


Demold and spray with a 50/50 mixture white chocolate/cocoa butter.

Finishing touch

Finish with violet glaze , fresh berries and white macaroons