Debic’s sustainable approach

Sustainable techniques and ingredients are now essential in your work as a professional in the hospitality industry. Consumers are increasingly attentive to their health and that of the planet. Debic helps you make the right choices.

Debic’s sustainable approach

FrieslandCampina – and so Debic, too – wishes to be a market leader in reducing CO2 emissions per litre of milk. Our current environmental footprint per litre of milk is almost half of that of the global average: a fine result. But we are determined to further reduce our footprint.

We do this jointly with our farmers, who are an essential link in our dairy chain. Together, we set sustainability objectives to produce and use renewable energy, using exclusively sustainably produced ingredients and ensuring that our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Crème de la crème
Crème de la crème

Our cream is made from the milk of cows who are fed sustainable feed and can graze outdoors as much as possible. This gives us the creamiest end product. We are also reducing our environmental footprint on the farm by using energy generated on our own farms wherever possible from sources such as windmills, manure fermentation and solar panels. As a result, Debic’s production facilities now run entirely on green energy.

Sustainably produced ingredients

Palm oil is used in many culinary products because it gives excellent results in end products when it comes to texture and mouthfeel. But palm oil is not the best product in terms of sustainability. This has to do with deforestation and the threat this poses to already endangered animal species. Debic therefore uses only SG palm oil, which is palm oil that is RSPO-certified. SG stands for ‘segregated’: the term indicates that this oil, kept separate, is the most sustainable variety available. This palm oil not only comes from certified plantations but can be traced through the entire production chain right back to the source.

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Debic also works exclusively with UTZ-certified cocoa. The UTZ certificate (part of the Rainforest Alliance) guarantees that the cocoa is grown and harvested with the greatest possible care for the environment and for cocoa farmers. Moreover, Debic is committed to developing natural flavourings and colourings. We can say with pride that no artificial flavourings or colourings are used in Debic’s cream and dessert assortment.

Would you also like to make a difference?

You, too, can help reduce our environmental footprint. Your customers and the planet will thank you for it!

•Choose the right partners, who are committed to working for a better world.
•Work with local producers for fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, meat and honey. This guarantees you the tastiest and most sustainable options. Products that do not have to travel far use less CO₂.
•Use seasonal products. These are not only cheaper but also more sustainable, because they take less energy to grow.
•Use the whole product, from head to toes, from root to fruit. Leftover vegetables can, for instance, be turned into a bouillon or sauces.
•Make preparations that can be used in a wide range of dishes, and produce very tasty appetizers from the leftovers.
•Get to know your labels. An organic label is not always more sustainable. Suppliers are happy to give you the necessary information.
•Choose green or renewable energy, such as solar energy, LED lighting or lighting with motion detectors.
•Reduce water wastage by using water-saving taps and energy-efficient dishwashers.
•Don't forget to communicate with guests and staff about the efforts you are making in terms of sustainability, for example via social media. They will appreciate it and be happy to pass the information along.
•Be consistent with your choices. Are you making conscious efforts to work with sustainable ingredients? In that case, ensure that your packaging, for instance for takeaway meals, is also environmentally friendly.

Did you know that we manage the whole dairy chain ourselves?  - photo 1263561-1 | Debic
Did you know that we manage the whole dairy chain ourselves?

From farm to finished product. Because of our 100 years’ expertise in the development of dairy solutions, we can keep guaranteeing you that unsurpassed quality.

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