The comeback of the tartelette

During this pandemic pastry chefs (re)discovered how to please customers with affordable and surprising mono-portions or individual pastries. One of the interesting outcomes was the comeback of smaller pastry and tartelettes. A golden crust that serves as the base for a wide range of delicious creations. Easy to prepare, easy to assemble, making the tartelette a commercial and rational winner in your product range.

The comeback of the tartelette

Back in the day, a tartelette was a shell-like base, often filled with pastry cream and fresh fruit, decorated with a nice swirl of freshly whipped Chantilly cream. Nowadays we appreciate the structure and buttery taste of these golden shells combined with elegant mousses, crémeux, cake or fruity interiors.

The recipes and techniques are well-known, most of the components used can be prepared in advance, so a rational approach and planning will help you to broaden your range without too many steps or logistics.

How we did it

Step 1

Step 1

Make your choice of tartelette: classical short crust (pâte sablé) or do you prefer a Breton shortbread (sablé Breton).
Tip: Experiment with colors, processed in the dough (charcoal, dried raspberries, extra dark cacao powder …) or sprayed after baking with a colored white chocolate.

Step 2

Use a supplementary texture: crispy feuilletine, sponge cake, dacquoise …

Step 3

Step 3

Use your favorite mousses, crémeux, whipped ganache, fruit fillings, jellified coulis …
Tip: Make use of silicon molds and a blast freezer.

Step 4

Step 4

Decoration: flavored whipped cream, chocolate spray, chocolates, fresh fruit, marshmallows …
Tip: discover our piping techniques to add an extra touch to your whipped cream.

Discover piping techniques

Below we will share 2 recipes to welcome you to a new wave of elegant pastry created and tasted by our own Debic culinary advisors. We often use Debic Croissant butter in the pâte sablé dough. This choice of butter helps you to prepare a very elastic dough, easy to laminate and line the tartelette molds with.

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