Recipe for 24 tartelettes

Debic Pastry Tartelette


For 24 servings

Pâte sablé cacao

500 g Debic Croissant Butter

300 g blonde cassonade sugar

7 g salt

800 g flour

40 g cacao powder deep black

55 g almond powder

60 g hazelnut powder

55 g corn starch

180 g eggs

Choux paste

250 g water

5 g sugar

5 g salt

50 g dark chocolate 68%

80 g Debic Brioche Butter

125 g flour

20 g cacao powder

350 g eggs

Cacao craquelin

150 g Debic Brioche Butter

190 g cassonade sugar

165 g flour

20 g cacao powder deep black

Crèmeux Ghana

1 l milk

175 g egg yolk

125 g sugar

80 g corn starch

250 g milk chocolate Ghana 40%

175 g Debic Crème Butter


Pâte sablé cacao

Bring all ingredients on atelier temperature ( 18-22°C). Mix them all, except the eggs, into a dry powdery mass.

Finish the dough with the eggs.

Wrap in plastic foil and store for one night in the refrigerator.

Roll out to 2.5 mm thick and line 8 cm tartlet molds.

Choux paste

Bring the water, sugar, salt, dark chocolate and butter slowly to a boil.

Add the sifted flour and cacao powder and dry the mass over a hot fire.

Bring over in a stirring mixer and let the choux mass turn for 2 minutes to let escape the most heat.

Add the eggs systematically until the mass is smooth.

Spread between 2 plastic sheets ( +/- 1cm) and freeze.

Cut out circles of 6 cm diameter and set apart.

Cacao craquelin

Mix all ingredients and let crystalize in the refrigerator.

Roll out on 2,5 mm and cut out circles of 7 cm diameter.

Place on the choux paste before baking.

Crèmeux Ghana

Bring the milk with half the sugar to a boil. Mix the rest of the sugar with the starch and the egg yolks.

Combine and cook for 1 full minute. Pour over the milk chocolate and mix well.

Cover with plastic film and store in the refrigerator.

Turn the mass into a smooth texture and finish with the softened butter.

Pipe in the baked tartelette-choux.


Cut out circles of 7 cm diameter, out of the choux paste.

Place in the tartelettes, stick on the craquelin and bake at 175°C during 30 minutes.

After cooling down fill the tartelettes along the bottom.