Yuzu Coconut

Recipe for 12 tartelettes of 8 cm diameter

Debic Croissant Butter Tartelette


For 12 servings

Pâte sablé

1 kg Debic Croissant Butter

8 g salt

265 g icing sugar

93 g almond powder

8 g powdered vanilla pod

143 g eggs

715 g flour

Dacquoise sponge (1 tray 60x40 cm)

375 g egg white

45 g sugar

305 g grounded hazelnut

65 g almond powder

315 g icing sugar

35 g flour

35 g grounded coconut

Yuzu crémeux

135 g yuzu puree

65 g mango puree

2 recuperated vanilla pods

225 g eggs

100 g sugar

250 g Debic Crème Butter

9 g powdered gelatin

45 g water

Coconut mousse

250 g puree of coconut

600 g Debic NaTop

400 g white chocolate 32% Velvet

4 g powdered gelatin

20 g water


Pâte sablé

Turn the butter to a powdered mass with the salt, the vanilla, the icing sugar and the almond powder.

Add the eggs and finish with the flour.

Store at 4°C for 1 night.

Roll out to 2,5 mm and line tartelettes of 8 cm diameter.

Bake at 165°C during 12-15 minutes.

Dacquoise sponge (1 tray 60x40 cm)

Whip the egg white with the sugar.

Mix all dry ingredients and combine with the meringue.

Spread over a baking tray and bake at 175°C for 17 minutes.

Yuzu crémeux

Dissolve the gelatin in water.

Heat the puree with the sugar, the recuperated vanilla pods and the eggs.

Bring to 85°C and mix in the gelatin mass.

Emulsify with the butter, using a hand blender, once the mass reaches 40°C .

Store cold.

Coconut mousse

Dissolve the gelatin in water.

Heat the puree and pour over the white chocolate.

Melt the gelatin mass and mix with a hand mixer.

Add the cold Debic NAtop/Duo.

Mix briefly and store for 1 night in the refrigerator.


Whip the coconut mousse and pipe into silicon molds.


Spread the yuzu crémeux into the tartelettes and cover with a thin layer of dacquoise.

Demold the coconut mousse and glaze with a white glaçage.

Finishing touch

Decorate with an extra ball of coconut.