For 3 servings

Almond crumble

146 g flour

109 g butter

121 g almond powder

121 g sugar

2 g lemon zest

Vanilla sponge

128 g egg yolks

64 g sugar B

64 g sunflower oil

1 g vanilla

171 g cake flour

342 g egg white

128 g sugar A

Yuzu mousse

99 g Yuzu juice

56 g gelatin mass

396 g Debic Cream without sugar

99 g yoghurt full fat

99 g sugar

50 g pasteurised egg white

1 g lemon zest

Citrus compote

151 g Orange juice

1 g Orange zest

78 g Yuzu juice

70 g sugar

5 g Pectin nh

195 g Orange segments

Yuzu agar confit

261 g Mango puree

130 g Yuzu juice

87 g Sugar

5 g Agar

17 g Gelatin mass

1 g Vanilla

Neutral glacage

98 g water (A)

295 g water (B)

98 g sugar (A)

295 g sugar (B)

197 g glucose

3 g citric acid

7 g pectin x58

7 g pectin nh

Whipped mascarpone cream

1000 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

80 g sugar


Almond crumble

Mix butter, sugar, lemon zest, and almond powder till it is smooth.

Followed by the sifted flour.

Stop when it starts to get crumbly.

Vanilla sponge

Whip egg yolks and sugar B and vanilla airy, when airy slowly add the oil.

Whip egg whites and sugar A airy, and fold in gently in the egg yolks mixture.

Sift the cake flour and fold it into the egg mixture.

Yuzu mousse

Whip cream to soft peak, set aside in the fridge till ready to use

Cook sugar and a little bit of water till 120°C.

While the sugar is cooking, start whipping egg white and slowly pour in the sugar syrup while it's still whipping.

Heat 1/4 of the juice and melt gelatin mass .

Then add this to the remaining juice and all to the yoghurt.

Fold in the whipped egg white.

Gently fold whipped cream into it.

Citrus compote

Mix the pectin with the sugar and mix this with the juice and add the orange zest.

Bring to boil and add the orange segments and cook for 1 minute after cool down to 20°C. before scooping it into the mould.

Yuzu agar confit

Bring Yuzu juice and mango puree to 40°C.

Combine together the sugar, vanilla and agar.

Bring to the boil all together during 30 sec.

Add directly the gelatin mass.

Pour the agar confit in the silicone mat.

Neutral glacage

In a bowl, combine sugar (A) with pectin and add water (A).

Let it stand for 20 minutes.

In a pan, combine water(B) with sugar (B) then add glucose and heat to 40 °C.

Slowly add the pectin mixture and bring to boil.

Add the citric acid.

Whipped mascarpone cream

Whip the Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone and the sugar till a firm mass.


Pipe the Yuzu mousse (350 g) into the silicone mould and place a ring of vanilla sponge (120 g) inside and place into the freezer.

After freezing spray it with neutral glacage (30 g) with 20% extra water at 70°C.

Place the Yuzu mousse ring on top of the almond crumble (70 g).

And place one circle of vanilla sponge in the center.

Drizzle some olive oil (1 g) on the vanilla sponge and scoop in the citrus compote (70 g).

Drape the Yuzu agar confit (120 g) in the middle of the cake and place another vanilla sponge inside the Yuzu agar confit and pipe the mascarpone cream (50 g) in the center.

Finishing touch

Decorate with lime zest (1 g), round circle of yuzu agar confit and drops of olive oil