Smoked Piedmonts tartare

With cream of mascarpone and anchovies, fried egg yolk, Jerusalem artichoke chips

Debic Smoked Tartare Cream of Mascarpone and anchovies


For 10 servings

Smoked tartare

800 g beef, eye of round

80 g wood chips

8 g salt

1 g white pepper

3 g garlic

80 g extra virgin olive oil

Cream of Mascarpone and anchovies

400 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

10 g garlic

60 g anchovies, salted

1 g white pepper

20 g parsley

Fried yolk

10 egg yolk

150 g panko bread

150 g hazelnuts

500 g extra virgin olive oil

5 g salt

1 g pepper

Jerusalem artichoke chips

300 g Jerusalem artichokes


30 g parsley

25 g roasted hazelnuts, whole


Smoked tartare

Cut the beef in very fine cubes.

Rub a bowl with the garlic and add the diced meat.

Smoke it for 15 minutes with the wood shavings.

Once smoked season with salt, pepper and oil.

Cream of Mascarpone and anchovies

Finely chop the anchovies with parsley and garlic.

Whip the cream into soft peaks and mix in the anchovies mixture.

Season if necessary with salt and pepper.

Fried yolk

Mix together panko breadcrumbs with chopped hazelnuts.

Layer a little bit of breadcrumbs mixture in a cup and put the egg yolks on top.

Cover with the remaining breadcrumbs and leave in the refrigerator for two hours.

Shake off the excess breadcrumbs and fry in the olive oil for 30 seconds at 170°C

Jerusalem artichoke chips

Slice the Jerusalem artichokes finely on a mandoline and fry in oil at 150°C until fully cooked and crisp.

Drain on paper and season with salt.


Arrange the tartare onto the plate with the use of a round cutter.

Place the fried egg yolk on top of the tartare and arrange three rochers of anchovy cream around the tartare.

Decorate with Jerusalem artichokes, fried parsley and chopped hazelnuts.