Mascarpone Mousse

With caramelized figs, passito jelly, honey and balsamic vinegar

Sponge cake Mascarpone mousse Passito jelly


For 10 servings

Sponge cake

240 g eggs

60 g egg yolk

200 g Acacia honey

200 g flour, 180 w

20 g potato starch

Honey macerating syrup

160 g Acacia honey

40 g Maraschino liquor

200 g water

Mascarpone mousse

170 g Acacia honey

20 g water

100 g egg yolk

500 g Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone

6 g gelatin powder

30 g water

1 g Vanilla pod, Bourbon

Passito jelly

400 g Passito wine

80 g Acacia honey

16 g gelatin powder

80 g water

Caramelized figs

450 g figs

90 g Acacia honey

30 g Balsamic vinegar

6 g gelatin powder

30 g water


200 g figs

gold leaf


Sponge cake

Whip the eggs, egg yolks with honey to soft peaks.

Add gently the sifted flour mixed with the potato starch.

Spread on a baking tray lined with baking sheet and bake at 220°C for 10 to 15 minutes.

Honey macerating syrup

Heat the water and dissolve the honey in the water.

Add the Maraschino liquor and bring to a boil and cool to room temperature.

Mascarpone mousse

Hydrate the gelatin powder in the water.

Scrape the seeds out of the vanilla pod and mix with the egg yolks.

Whip the egg yolks and cook the honey to a temperature of 121 °C.

While constantly stirring the egg yolks in the mixer, gradually add the hot honey.

Add the previously rehydrated gelatin and whip until the mixture reaches room temperature.

Fold in the whipped Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone and reserve in a piping bag.

Passito jelly

Hydrate the gelatin in the water.

Once bloomed, heat the gelatin mixture and dissolve the honey.

Add the wine and leave to cool to room temperature.

Caramelized figs

Caramelize the honey, add the figs.

Add and dissolve the balsamic vinegar and off heat mix in the bloomed gelatin mixture.


Cut with a round cutter the sponge cake to the desired size.

Soak the sponge cake in the honey Maraschino syrup.

Add a layer of the mascarpone mousse and spoon in a bit of the caramelized figs.

Top of with a bit more of the mascarpone mousse.

Reserve in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Cut the figs lengthwise and place on top of the mousse.

Finishing touch

Finish with a layer of passito jelly and reserve in the fridge. Garnish with gold leaf.