Apple Pie

Creation by Michał Iwaniuk - 18 servings

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For 18 servings

Cinnamon crumble

100 g Debic Butter Crème

100 g almond flour

100 g wheat flour

100 g brown sugar

1 g cinnamon

175 g white chocolate

20 g cocoa butter

Fried apple

450 g apple cubes

80 g sugar

20 g lemon juice

4 g gelatin

1 g bison grass

50 g raisins

Cinnamon mousse

4 cinnamon bark

150 g soured cream

400 g white chocolate

70 g quince tincture

20 g gelatin

500 g Debic Stand & Overrun

Vanilla glaze

75 g water

150 g sugar

150 g glucose

100 g soured cream

10 g gelatin powder

50 g water

150 g white chocolate

half vanilla bean


Cinnamon crumble

Make a crumble of the first five ingredients and bake at 180°C for 15 minutes.

After cooling, add melted white chocolate and cocoa butter, and mix well.

Put the cinnamon crumble into the 8 cm diameter cooking rings (about 20 pieces).

Fried apple

Put the bison grass and raisins in 150 ml of water and bring to a boil.

Set aside for 30 minutes.

Fry the apples with sugar and lemon juice.

Decoct and reduce to 80 g, and dissolve the gelatin.

Combine with the apple and raisins.

Freeze in hemispheres.

Put two frozen hemispheres together to create a ball.

Cinnamon mousse

Infuse the cinnamon bark in the cream for 24 hours.

Heat the infusion and pour it over the chocolate and dissolved gelatin.

Add the tincture and combine with whipped cream.

Insert the frozen apple parts in the silicone (hemispheres).

Mould with the cinnamon mousse.

Vanilla glaze

Boil the first 4 ingredients to 103 °C.

Pour over the chocolate and dissolve the gelatin mass.

Set aside to stabilize in 24 hours.


Coat the frozen balls with vanilla glaze.

Then place them onto the crumble bottoms.

Decorate with a chocolate antler.