Banoffee cheesecake

Banoffee cheese cake

Cream cheese Cheesecake


For 5 servings

Banoffee compote

235 g fresh bananas

75 g cane sugar

165 g coconut puree

24   gelatin mass

1 lime ( zest + juice)

5 g fresh grated sugar

12 g Rhum Mount Gay 55% vol.

Crunchy cookie crumble

375 g baked pate sablé

125 g Lotus® speculoos

85 g feuilletine

75 g caramel chocolate Gold

175 g Debic Butter Brioche

Creamy cheese mousse

660 g crème pâtissière ( home made)

580 g Debic cream cheese

70 g gelatin mass

45 g chestnut honey

450 g Debic Duo/Natop

Exotic décor

335 g coconut puree

115 g mango puree

165 g crème patissière ( home made)

1     lime ( zest + juice)

½ vanilla pod

48 g gelatin mass (1:5)

375 g Debic Duo / NAtop


Bake the banana slices and caramelize the with the cane sugar and the rhum. Reduce with the coconut puree and season with the lime and ginger. Add the hot melted gelatin mass and portion in 3 silicon molds. Pipe a spiral of caramel topping over the interiors and freeze.

Crumble the dry baked pate sablé and speculoos into coarse crumbs. Melt the butter and caramel chocolate, add the feuilletine and combine.

Soften the cream cheese, add the crème patissière. Heat the gelatin mass with the honey and combine. Fold in the semi whipped Debic Duo.

Heat half of the puree with the zest and the vanilla. Soften the crème patissière with the juice. Melt the gelatin mass in the puree, add the remaining puree and combine with the crème patissière. Fold in the semi whipped Debic NAtop/Duo. Bring over in molds and freeze.


Spread layer of crunchy cookies on the bottom of the circles. Leave for 1 hour in the freezer. Use half of the creamy cheese mousse and place in the frozen banoffee layer. Continue with the remaining mousse. Store in the freezer.

Finishing touch

Unmold the circles and glaze them with a neutral glaze. Spray gun the exotic décor with white chocolate and place immediately on the glazed entremets.

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