Cheesecake grué

Cheese cake Grué

Cream cheese Cheesecake Mono portions


Pâte sable

1 kg Debic butter Croissant

1 kg icing sugar

750 g whole eggs

8 g salt

10 g baking powder

175 g grounded almonds

2250 g flour

Cream cheese filling approx. 55 g / tartelette

500 g Debic Cream Cheese

100 g icing sugar

50 g sugar

8 g corn starch

85 g whole egg

18 g egg yolk

75 g Debic Cream 35%

Crème de gruè

275 g milk

75 g roasted cacao nibs

25 g sugar

175 g Debic Cream 35%

75 g egg yolk

75 g whole egg

50 g gelatin mass (1:5)

275 g Debic Cream 35%


Bring all raw materials to room temperature. Then mix them in the order given, in first gear, to a cohesive dough. Store in the refrigerator. Roll out to 1,8 mm and shape to the desired shape to bake.

Turn the cream cheese until soft and add the remaining ingredients at low speed. Fill the lined tartelettes and bake at 165° C during 12 minutes. Store in the refrigerator.

Soften the cream cheese, add the crème patissière. Heat the gelatin mass with the honey and combine. Fold in the semi whipped Debic Duo.

Roast the cacao nibs and add them into the milk. Heat and cover for 1 H. Strain and prepare an ‘anglaise’ by heating the milk with the cream , the sugar, eggs and egg yolks to 84°C. Add the gelatin mass, mix careful and fold in the semi whipped cream at max 30°C. Pipe into silicon molds and freeze.


Demold the crème de grué and glaze them with a neutral glazing. Place them on the baked cream cheese tartelettes.