Coffee-cinnamon cookies

With Nescafé and chocolate

Debic Dried coffee White chocolate


For 70 servings

Coffee-cinnamon cookie

460 g Debic Butter Constant

80 g dark chocolate 60%

80 g icing sugar

80 g dark cassonade sugar

6 g cacao powder

4 g cinnamon powder

10 g dried coffee (Nescafé)

6 g salt

45 g egg yolk

430 g flour soft


400 g white chocolate

10 g peanuts oil

100 g roasted pecans


Coffee-cinnamon cookie

Mix the temperated butter with the salt, the icing sugar and cassonade.

Add the cinnamon, the Nescafé and the melted dark chocolate.

Add the egg yolk and mix slowly into a smooth mixture.

Sieve the flour with cacao powder and fold into the previous dough.

Store for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Stretch out with a roll pin at 5.2 mm and cut out circles of 8 cm diameter.

Bake at 180°C during 20 minutes.

Let it cool down.


This is the ultimate cookie for spring or summer.

A crust out of cane sugar makes the biscuit extra crispy.


1. After the cookies are cooled down, dip the espresso cookies in the pecan chocolate.

2. Strike the cookie and make sure the cookie is nice and flat at the bottom.

3. After applying the chocolate dip, let the cookie cool down on the baking paper.

Finishing touch

Melt the white chocolate with the oil and add the roasted and chopped pecan nuts.

Use at 32°C and dip the cookies for 50% in.