The perfect mix between a croissant and waffle, topped with whipped cream cheese and caramel



For 85 servings

Croissant dough

1990 g flour T55

43 g salt

250 g sugar

76 g fresh yeast

554 ml water

760 ml milk

760 g Debic Crème Butter

1000 g Debic Croissant Butter

Salted caramel

229 g sugar

387 g Debic Stand & Overrun

74 g white chocolate

104 g Debic Crème Butter

6 g salt


250 g Debic Cream Cheese

15 g icing sugar


Croissant dough

Knead all ingredients together, except the Croissant Butter, for around 8 minutes.

Place the dough into a container and let it rest at ambient temperature, for 1 hour.

Store in the refrigerator.

Next day: laminate the dough and fold in the Millefeuille Butter.

Tour the butter for 2 x 4 folds and 1 x 3 folds.

Let the laminated dough set over night.

Stretch the croissant dough at 7 mm and shape the croissants.

Let them proof before baking.

Salted caramel

Caramelize the sugar.

When nice golden brown add the boiling Stand & Overrun, followed by the white chocolate, Crème Butter and salt.


Mix together and whip for decoration.


Bake the proofed croissants in a waffle iron till golden brown. After baking let it cool down, sprinkle with icing sugar on top and pipe the whipped cream cheese on top. Finish with the caramel sauce.