Dessert breakfast

A combination of different dessert courses.

Dessert Breakfast Cream


Group 1

For the chocolate spread, bring the whipping cream, orange zest and pulp from the vanilla pod to the boil. Add the glucose, pour the warm mixture onto the chocolate and stir well until it is melted. Cut the butter into small pieces and mix through the chocolate until it is smooth. Store in the refrigerator.

Cut the brioche bread into thick slices and dip in the milk, eggs and cane sugar mixture. Fry the bread in the butter until nice and brown.

Place the gingerbread in the freezer and cut (frozen) into thin slices using the cutting machine. Place on a silicone baking sheet and put in a 160?oven for 8 minutes. Then immediately wrap around a steel tube or a whisk handle. Leave to harden and store in a well-sealed container with silica beads.

Mix the whipping cream together with the crème anglaise, orange juice and orange zest and infuse for 4 hours. Pass through a fine sieve and pour into a 500 ml siphon and aerate with one cartridge.

For the granité, mix the ingredients and pour into a suitable container, place in the freezer and stir regularly with a fork until you have a fine granité.

Finishing touch

Pipe the orange mousse into empty egg shells.

Put the granité in little glasses.

Place all the elements on a tray.