Helena 'ice cake'

House DelRey Ice cake Chocolatier


For 4 servings

Strawberry sorbet

995 g strawberry purée 10% sugar

165 g red currant purée

33 g fresh lemon juice

182 g sugar

52 g glucose syrup

12 g sorbet stabilizer

390 g water

5 g fresh mint

1 pc lemon grass

1,6 g pepper

5 g rose hip leaves

5 g hibiscus tea leaves

Vanilla-Stracciatella ice cream

733 g Debic Stand & Overrun

1600 g milk

1,2 g vanilla Madagascar

533 g sugar (1)

65 g glucose powder

69 g milk powder

100 g sugar (2)

314 g egg yolk

23 g sugar (3)

10 g stabilizer Pregel Latte Dark chocolate


250 g Debic butter Crème

250 g blonde cassonade

250 g almond powder

250 g flour

Red spray

250 g white chocolate

125 g corn oil

125 g cocoa butter

3,5 g red coloring agent, E129

Strawberry glaze

500 g strawberry puree

500 g sugar

15 g pectin

400 g neutral glaze


Strawberry sorbet

Bring the water to a boil and add the pepper, fresh mint, lemon grass, hibiscus and rose leaves. Infuse for 20 minutes and strain. Adjust the infused water with water to reach 785 g. Add the sugars and stabilizers and mix in the fruit purées.

Vanilla-Stracciatella ice cream

Combine the cream with the milk, the vanilla pod and the sugar (1) and cook to 50° C. Whisk the egg yolk with the sugar (2) add 1/3 to the previous mixture, mix well and add the rest . premix the stabilizer with the sugar (3), add the mixture and cook to 80°C to pasteurize. Leave to mature at 4°C. Churn the appareil in a ice cream machine and when taken out pour the melted chocolate on the ice cream to obtain stracciatella.


Combine all ingredients to become a short crust dough. Store in the refrigerator. Stretch out at 2,5 mm and cut the base circles. Bake at 160°C.

Red spray

Combine the ingredients. The use of the corn oil helps to avoid a cracked decoration.

Strawberry glaze

Premix half of the sugar with the pectin. Cook the puree with the remaining sugar and premixed sugar-pectin. After cooling down add the neutral glaze and mix with a hand blender.


Fill the inner circles of 2,5 cm high, with a smaller diameter than the main circles, with the vanilla stracciatella ice cream. Freeze. Use the outer circles and place in the baked streusel. Start to fill with the sorbet and push in the vanilla-stracciatella ice cream. Seal with the remaining sorbet. Freeze.

Finishing touch

Unmold the circles and gun spray them with the red spray. Glaze the borders with the strawberry glaze. Decorate with a strip of white chocolate.