Flower Power

With Debic Crème Caramel, caramel sauce and cherry treats.

Dessert crème caramel Cherries


Crème Caramel

1000 ml Debic Crème Caramel

Zest of 1 lime

10 ml Rose water

Cherry caramel sauce

300 g Cherry purée

150 g Sugar

Cherry treats

200 g Cherry purée

20 g Sugar

50 ml Cherry liqueur

2 g Agar

Gold dust

Cherry meringue

130 g Cherry purée

25 g Powdered egg white

30 g Sugar

30 g Icing sugar


Group 1

Heat the Crème Caramel until it reaches boiling point, then add the lime peel and the rose water.

Leave to infuse, pass through a fine sieve and divide among circular moulds.

Leave to set in the refrigerator and place in the freezer until the rings have frozen completely.

Remove the rings from the moulds and leave to thaw in the refrigerator.

For the cherry caramel sauce, caramelise the sugar and add the cherry purée.

Heat through and strain through a fine sieve.

For the meringue, mix the cherry purée with the egg whites in the planet mixer and add the sugar in two parts.

Pour into a piping bag and pipe small blobs onto a silicone mat.

Dry in the airing cupboard at 50°C for 5 hours.

For the cherry sweets, bring all the ingredients to the boil together and heat through briefly.

Divide among the cherry moulds and leave in the refrigerator.

Finishing touch

Trickle the cherry caramel sauce onto the plates from a height and place the rings alongside.

Finish with the flowers, meringue and cherry sweets.