Fresh fruit tart

Tart with vegan crème patisserie and fresh fruit

Fresh fruit Vanilla whip Vegan


For 15 servings

Pâte sablé

125 g coconut fat

80 g powder sugar

2 g salt

40 g almond powder

20 g Debic Vegan-top

230 g flour

Vegan frangipane

25 g potato starts

100 g cane sugar

250 g soya milk

50 g peanut oil

130 g almond powder

25 g flower

4 g salt

Vegan crème patisserie

750 g almond milk

250 g Debic Vegan-top

150 g sugar (1)

1 vanille pod

50 g sugar (2)

80 g corn starts

30 g almond powder

Vanilla whip

360 g Debic Vegan-top

50 g sugar

1 vanilla pod


Pâte sablé

Mix the coconut fat, the icing sugar, the salt and the almond powder into a dough

Add the vegan-top and mix

Mix the flour

Cool the dough and roll out to 2 mm

Cut circles off 10 cm and line in a baking mold 8-cm and place in the refrigerator

Vegan frangipane

Mix the potato start with the cane sugar

Heat the soya milk and mix with the sugar mixture, bring to a boil

Add the peanut oil, almond powder, flower and salt

Cover with cling film and let cool down

Vegan crème patisserie

Heat the almond milk, Debic Vegan-top, sugar (1) and vanilla pod

Mix the sugar (2) and the corn starts add a bit off the almond mixture to create a smooth emulation

Bring a boil and cook fore 2 min, set cover cling film and refrigerate fore 12 hours before use

Vanilla whip

Combine the Vegan-top, vanilla pod and sugar

Whip to the correct consistency.


Pipe a layer of frangipane in the sablé and bake at 170 °C fore 25 min

Allow it to cool and pipe a circle of Vegan crème patisserie on top

Decorate with fresh fruits, and a blob of Debic vegan-top