For 50 servings

Chreamcheese mouss

100 g lemon juice

9 g gelatin

45 g water

400 g Debic Stand&Overrun

200 g Debic Creamcheese

100 g sugar

50 g eggwhite

Passion pâte sablé

360 g Debic Croissant Butter

240 g icing sugar

6 g salt

90 g almound powder

120 g eggs

60 g passion powder

600 g flour

4 g yellow powder dye

Madeleine biscuit

315 g eggs

50 g milk

160 g trimoline

3 g salt

2 st oranges (zests)

285 g flour

12 g bakingsoda

145 g icing sugar

240 g Debic cake butter


·       mix the gelatin in the water

·       whip the Debic Stand&Overrun

·       for the Italian foam, heat te sugar to 119°C and pour on the fluffy whipped egg white whip air and cold

·       Bring half of the lemon juice to a boil and add the gelatin mass cool back with the other half of the lemon juice

·       Mix this with the Debic Creamcheese and then add the egg white foam

·       Finally, fold the foam mass and the Debic Stand&Overrun into a homogeneous mass.

·       Mix the Debic Croissant butter,powdersugar, salt and the almond powder into a dough

·       Add the eggs and mix in

·       Mix in the sifted flour, passion powder

·       Cool the dough and roll out to 2 mm.

·       Cut out rectangles that are 4 cm wide and run to 8 cm in one point

·       Cut holes with several large round cutter and bake at 150°C for 20 min

·       Whip eggs milk and trimoline at medium speed at room temperature to a smooth foam (5-7 minutes)

·       ziff flour, icing sugar and baking powder an mix whit the foam

·       mix in the melted cooled butter

·       mix the orange zests with the salt

·       spread on a baking sheet 60/40

·       Bake at 180°C for 15 min


·       Brush bisquit with a thin layer of passion confi and divide the mousse evenly on it place the other half of the bisquit on the mousse an place in the freezer

·       Cut Strips of 7 cm and cut to triangles

·       Place on the sablé cookies and let it stick with a drop of neutral jelly