Recipe for 10 people

Main course Fish Haddock


For 10 servings


2 haddocks (1600-1800 g each)

100 g kombu kelp

100 g Debic Traditional Butter

Oyster beurre blanc

60 ml white wine

10 g shallots

40 ml fish stock

30 g Debic Traditional Butter

100 ml Debic Culinaire Original

2 oysters, Gillardeau

White asparagus

500 g white asparagus


50 g Debic Traditional Butter



50 g peas

1 container pea cress


Methode Haddock

Clean, gut and fillet the haddock.

Place the kombu between the fillets and marinate for 3 hours.

Remove the kombu and vacuum seal the fillets together with 10 grams of butter.

Heat for 30 minutes at 44 ˚C in a bain-marie or combi steamer until done.

Peel the asparagus and thinly slice the asparagus lengthwise into strips using a mandoline slicer.

Heat them in butter until al dente.

For the sauce peel and finely chop the shallots.

Make a gastrique by boiling the white wine and the shallots.

Wait until it is reduced to half the original volume.

Pass the Gastrique through a fine sieve.

Add the fish stock and boil over high heat for 5 minutes.

Add the Debic Culinaire Original.

Cook the sauce until thickened, about 6 minutes.

Add the butter and cook untill desired consistency is achieved.

If you have the desired consistency mix it with the oysters.

Pass through a fine sieve.

Blanch the peas and double-shell them.

Heat them in butter and season with salt.

Finishing touch

Arrange the sauce in the middle of the plate.

Place the asparagus strips on top and place the fish on the asparagus.

Finish the dish with double-shelled peas and pea cress.