Laksa of Dutch shrimp

Laksa with fish cake and wheat noodles

Laksa Dutch shrimps Fish cake


For 10 servings


10 g kombu kelp

300 g grey shrimp shells

50 ml grapeseed oil

2000 ml water

500 ml Debic Culinaire Original 20%

250 g bouquet of vegetables

3 stalks of lemongrass

30 g garlic

30 g ginger

30 g galangal

30 g red chili pepper

100 g tomato anti-boise

100 g shrimp sambal

30 g mixed herbs

10 ml lime juice

10 g Chaat Masala

10 g salt

Fish cake

100 g squid

100 g grey shrimp

200 g white fish

100 g egg whites

500 ml Debic Cream 35%, unsweetened

20 g dashi-extract


1 kg thick wheat noodles

10 shrimps

50 g cilantro



For the broth, wipe the kombu clean and warm it with the water at 80 ˚C for an hour.

Take out the kombu and keep it for other purposes.

Cut the vegetables in brunoise, add the vegetables to the kombu water and cook for 30-40 minutes.

Make a paste of shrimp shells, garlic, ginger, galangal, sambal and the lemongrass stalks.

Fry until fragrant and add to the broth.

Boil for ten minutes.

Strain and add the cream and chaat masala.

Boil for ten minutes and then cool it down.

Add mixed herbs before serving.

Bring to the boil and leave to infuse for at least ten minutes.

Season to taste with lime juice and tomato anti-boise.

Fish cake

For the pink layer in the fish cake, blend the squid, grey shrimp, salt and half of the kombu extract and stir in half of the cream.

Spread in a thin layer and freeze it.

For the white layer, blend the white fish, egg white, salt and kombu extract in the blender and add the other half of the cream.

Spread in a thin layer and freeze it.

Cut both frozen fish cake pastes into four pieces and place them on top of each other.

Steam for thirty minutes.

Cool down and cut into the desired shape.


Cook the noodles for ten minutes, drain and cool in ice water.

Cook the shrimps in the soup or fry them.

Place the noodles and fish cake in the bowl.

Pour the hot soup over them and add the shrimps.

Garnish with cilantro and some extra chilli oil if desired.