LE 95

LE 95



For 3 servings

Crispy bottom

220 g crispy puffed rice

125 g milk chocolate

250 g almond praliné

Chocolate genoise

160 g egg yolk

120 g grounded almonds

60 g icing sugar

50 g flour

30 g cacaco powder

20 g cacaonibs ( grué)

50 g Debic Crème butter

150 g egg white

50 g sugar

Crèmeux brulée

700 g Debic Crème Brulée

100 g white chocolate

1 orange, the zests

50 g gelatin mass ( 1:5)

28 g Cointreau 60% vol

Dark chocolate mouse

275 g sugar

100 g water

120 g whole egg

270 g egg yolk

550 g dark chocolate 66%

1 l Debic Stand & Overrun

Whipped ganache

350 g Debic Stand & Overrun

50 g inverted sugar

150 g dark chocolate 66%

500 g Debic Stand & Overrun

Cacao glaçage

375 g sugar

135 g cacao powder

75 g water

415 g Debic Végétop

180 g gelatin mass (1:5)

500 g neutral glazing


Crispy bottom

Melt the milk chocolate with the praliné. Combine with the crispy rice. Spread on the chocolate genoise. Store.

Chocolate genoise

Whip the egg yolk with the almond powder and the icing sugar to a steady foam. Separately whip the egg white with the sugar to a soft meringue. Combine the flour with the cacao powder and the crushed cacao nibs, fold into the egg yolk mixture, followed by the melted butter. Fold in the meringue. Spread over a baking tray and bake at 180°C during 8 minutes. Store in the refrigerator.

Crèmeux brulée

Heat the Debic Crème Brulée to 90°C and mix with the other ingredients, using a hand blender. Portion in 3 Silpats and freeze. Fill honeycomb molds with the remaining crèmeux, freeze as well.

Dark chocolate mouse

Bring the sugar and water to a boil at 120°C. Pour gently over the egg mixture, in the stand mixer. Run slowly at medium speed, so that the mixture can cool down. Melt the dark chocolate at 45°C and combine alternately with the egg mixture and the soft whipped cream.

Whipped ganache

Heat the Debic Stand & Overrun with the inverted sugar. Pour over the dark chocolate. Use a hand blender to make an emulsion while adding the Debic Stand & Overrun. Store in the refrigerator.

Cacao glaçage

Mix half of the sugar with the cacao powder (to avoid clumps). Bring the water, Debic Végétop, with the remaining sugar an d the sugar-cacao mixture to a boil (102°C). Add the neutral glazing and the gelatin mass mix during 2 minutes with a hand blender. Use at 35°C.


Assemble reversely, starting with the dark chocolate mousse. In the center place the frozen crèmeux brulée. Finish with the rest of the mousse and seal with the combined genoise-crispy bottom. Freeze. Unmold and glaze with the dark cacao glaçage. Decorate with the honeycomb crèmeux or the whipped ganache on a baked cookie bottom.