Mango coconut slice

Pâte sablé with mango mouse and vegan whip

Mango Coconut Vegan


For 25 servings

Pâte sablé

125 g coconut fat

80 g powder sugar

2 g salt

40 g almond powder

20 g Debic Vegan-top

230 g flour

Vegan coconut bisquit

50 g coconut fat

210 g Debic Vegan-Top

80 g cane sugar

50 g almond powder

25 g coconut grater

120 g flower

30 g corn starts

5 g baking powder

3 g salt

Mango mousse

300 g Mango purée

600 g Debic Vegan-Top

10 g pectin

50 g sugar

Neutral glaze

260 g water

345 g caster sugar (1)

74 g caster sugar (2)

10 g pectin

30 g lemon juice

Vegan whip

360 g Debic Vegan-Top

50 g sugar


Pâte sablé

Mix the coconut fat, the icing sugar, the salt and the almond powder into a dough

Add the vegan-top and mix

Mix the flour

Cool the dough and roll out to 2 mm

Cut out bars off 12 cm x 5 bake at 160 °C fore 15 minutes

Vegan coconut bisquit

Melt the coconut fat and add to the Debic Vegan-Top

Mix in the cane sugar, almond powder and coconut grater

Ziff the flower, corn starts, baking powder and salt

Bring over to a baking mould off 23x23 cm bake at 200°C fore 20 min

Mango mousse

Mix the pectin with sugar

Heat half of the fruit puree until 50 °C and add the pectin blend whit a hand blender

Cook for 2 min add the rest of the puree to cool it a bit down

Whip the Debic Vegan-Top at medium speed till air

Mix the puree with the Debic Vegan-Top

Neutral glaze

Heat water with sugar (1) to 50°C add pectin mixed with sugar (2)

Heat to 85°C add the lemon juice and the raspberries puree ,cover and refrigerate for 24 hours

Vegan whip

Combine the Vegan-top, vanilla pod and sugar

Whip to the correct consistency.


Pour a layer of Mango mousse on top of the coconut bisquit an freeze

Heat the neutral glaze until 40 °C and cover the unmould mango cake

Slide into bars of 10 x 4 cm and place on top of the sable

Decorate with the vegan whip, fresh mango and coconut.