Mascarpone bar with berries and pâte de fruits

Mascarpone bar with berries and pâte de fruits

Shapes Mascarpone bar Mascarpone


For 10 servings

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10 Debic Shapes Mascarpone Bars

20 raspberries

10 strawberries

10 blackberries

20 blueberries

30 red currants

100 ml raspberry coulis

100 g raspberry pâte de fruits

30 g crispy rice balls coated with pink chocolate

10 raspberry meringues

20 g lemon verbena

20 g raspberry powder



Remove the mascarpone bar from the blister. Lay on a plate and cover with cling film.

Leave to thaw in the refrigerator. Cut the raspberries and strawberries into smaller pieces. Cut the pâte de fruits into a fine brunoise.


Place a small round dish on the plate. Sieve the raspberry powder around the dish. Remove the dish.

Arrange the mascarpone bar in the middle of the plate. Place all the fruit on top and next to the mascarpone bar.

Garnish with the coulis, pâte de fruits, raspberry meringue, rice balls and lemon verbena.