STRAWBERRY With strawberry compote, matcha
and joconde decoration




For 2 servings

Madeleine biscuit

150 g eggs

100 g cassonade sugar

45 g honey

150 g flour

6 g baking powder

2 g salt

100 g Debic Crème Butter

Strawberry compote ‘Mara des Bois’

250 g strawberry puree

‘Mara des Bois’

45 g sugar

10 g pectin NH

15 g lemon juice

Whipped matcha ganache

250 g coconut puree

15 g green matcha tea

45 g white chocolate 35%

35 g gelatin mass (1:6)

220 g Debic Stand & Overrun

120 g mascarpone

Matcha crumble

30 g Debic Crème Butter

30 g cassonade sugar

30 g ground almonds

30 g flour

5 g green matcha tea

30 g white chocolate

Matcha glaçage

90 g water

360 g sugar

180 g Debic Stand & Overrun

135 g glucose syrup

65 g milk powder

88 g gelatin mass (1:6)

90 g neutral nappage

55 g grape seed oil

15 g green matcha tea powder

Joconde decoration (pâte a cigarette)

40 g Debic Crème Butter

10 g cacao butter

50 g egg white

50 g icing sugar

50 g flour

Yellow & green food coloring

Sponge cake

175 g almond powder

175 g icing sugar

250 g eggs

50 g flour

40 g Debic Crème Butter

325 g egg white

80 g sugar

Yellow food coloring


Madeleine biscuit

Combine the eggs with the cassonade sugar and the honey. Add the flour, sifted with the baking powder and the salt. Melt the butter and combine. Pour out in a baking frame (28 cm x 40 cm). Bake at 170°C for 20 minutes.

Strawberry compote ‘Mara des Bois’

Heat the strawberry puree. Dry mix the pectin with the sugar and add to the puree. Cook at 106°C. add the lemon juice and mix. Reserve.

Whipped matcha ganache

Bring the puree to the boil. Pour over the white chocolate, add the gelatin mass and the green tea. Mix with a hand blender. Combine with the cream and the mascarpone.

Matcha crumble

Dry mix all ingredients. Bake the crumble at 160°C for 10 minutes. Add the white chocolate and the green tea. Cool down.

Matcha glaçage

Combine the water with the cream, sugar, glucose syrup and the milk powder. Cook at 103°C. add the gelatin mass and pour over the grape seed oil and the nappage. Mix with a hand blender and add the green tea powder. Reserve and use at 27°C!

Joconde decoration (pâte a cigarette)

Melt the butter and cacao butter. Add the sifted ingredients. Mix in the liquid egg white, divide the mixture in two parts, color them with the food coloring. Spread over a baking sheet and leave to dry.

Sponge cake

Whip the eggs with the almond powder and the icing sugar. Combine with the flour and the melted butter. Whip the egg white with the sugar and fold in to previous mixture. Spread over the colored joconde and bake: 210°C during 6 to 7 minutes.


Spread the strawberry compote over two layers of Madeleine biscuit. Freeze. Whip the matcha ganache and bring over in two circles. Bring in the frozen madeleine-strawberry discs. Spread the crumble over the biscuit. Fill two extra flat circles with the mousse and freeze. Finish the circles with the remaining matcha ganache. Finish with a second layer of Madeleine and freeze. Unmold and glaze with the green matcha glaçage. Decorate with cream and chocolate decorations. Place strips of baked joconde biscuit round the entremets.